Travelling through the zones in London

London’s transport options are fantastic, you can go wherever you want to and however you choose to get there. You can get around London by bus, train, underground, taxi and even on the river, by boat. Public transport in London is consistent and that’s exactly what you need for touring the capital.

The thought of getting around in London can seem daunting especially if you are not used to the fast pace of life in the city but London is thriving with entertainment and the restaurants and bars in London are amazing. Being the capital, London hosts a multitude of tourist attractions and of course, a visit to the royal Buckingham Palace is not to be missed on any occasion.

The days of tickets and passes are long gone, if you’re thinking about using cash to travel around on London’s buses and trains, you can think again. You’ll need a pre-paid oyster card, it makes life easier as you can jump off and on at your leisure without the worry of trying to find the right change for the journey. Other options include a Travelcard or bus & tram pass and these can be bought in advance and to make sure you purchase the right travel pass for your journey, there are various resources available online and travel information centres throughout the city. Purchases should be made before you board, you won’t have the option to make any purchases on the bus.

shutterstock_245031403Travel Information Centres in London will provide live travel advice and useful information to help you get around and if you need a personal guide, you can pick up a map which will definitely help you out while you’re in the city.

There’s another reason that London is the UK’s capital, apart from the dense population and the famous attractions (not One Direction in the wax museum at Madame Tussauds either), the restaurants and bars in London are generally within minutes from each other so as you can imagine, variety has no end when it comes to a little taste of something to tickle your tastebuds.

If you’re a bit of an explorer, the good news is that wherever you end up, the interconnecting transport links will lead you back to a superb choice of fine dining restaurants and bars in London. From Chinese to Italian, Persian, Caribbean, English cuisines or Turkish, the world is your oyster.

Even if you’re a regular visitor in London, you can still feel like the needle in a haystack so when you’re planning your journey around London, it’ll help you to know which zones you’re travelling through. London’s ‘Zones’ are the areas that the public transport network is divided up into with zone 1 being central and zones 6-9 being the outskirts of London. So, for zone 1, you can expect the prices to be higher.

The London underground, better referred to as the ‘tube’ is a quick and efficient way to travel around London. The tube is your guarantee to get from A to B in a hurry and even if you’re not in a rush, its quick links are easily accessible so wherever you are, you’ll never be too far from a tube station, there’s around 300 of them.

With a few of the major airports operating from London, good and reliable public transport is imperative and it’s also important for security to be managed properly. Travelling from and into Heathrow airport can be done by tube and as this particular airport is in zone 6, you can use an oyster or travel card to get access to or from the location.

So, whether you’re travelling through zone 1 or zone 6, you’ll never be too far from the restaurants and bars in London and as the capital is packed with so much to see and do, there’s no better way to prepare for a long day than to make a pit stop for a bite to eat while you visit some of the main attractions. You’re sure to find a variety of high energy food chains to keep you going while you ‘whizz’ your way through the city.

So, as far as public transport goes, London is well on its way and if you’re a first time visitor to the city of London, travelling by public transport can be great for seeing the sights, trawling the streets for shopping and a whole host of other things.

There are some of the most popular hotel chains in London, so if you’re visiting the city on business or for social reasons, finding a hotel can be a great task, especially as you can even get discount offers on hotels in London, let’s say, if you’re going to the city by train. Many of the hotels in London are on the doorstep of a lot of the train and tube stations so convenience can be gained at a low cost.

The city still hosts a good old train and tram network to get you where you need to be and although the trams do not tend to run through central London, they do stop in some of the main areas where you can switch and get on the tube or bus.

With all the public transport options available in London, who would have thought that the city also has London River Services? Yes you can travel through London by boat and the service is for both tourists and commuters alike. The London River Service makes its way along the River Thames to a number of destinations.

Driving in London is an option if you’re comfortable, but try to avoid congestion zones and unnecessary charges. It might not be the quickest travel option around the capital but you can go at your own pace and learn how to get around independently.

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