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To think of it, there are many things and places which make for a city or a place. You need to know that the bigger a place is, the wider the network of their sub places go. You would be able to find a lot of places which are tourist attractions when you are at a certain place. London is a place which is very culturally, artistically, intellectually and historically very much rich. It surely goes without saying that at a place like London you would always find something or the other to look forward to. When you are in London, you would find two districts- Greenwich and Docklands.

These two districts are very famous when it comes to counting the rating of the tourist attractions. There are many places in London which are awesome as tourist attractions and only the people who have visited know what these are all about. Greenwich is basically downstream of Tower Bridge and is also known to be a place which is the refuge to the largest expenses of the historic architecture and parkland in the whole of England. Whereas if you cross the river Thames and go to its northern banks, you would see Docklands. This place can easily be identified with the help of the Docklands light railway. In today’s time you would find a lot of sightseeing happening at these two places majorly. The guide will inform you what the different places to see there are.the metropolis London Hyde Park

To begin with, the first on the list is the majestic Cutty Sark. Open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, this is the last of the 19th century tea clippers which were a rage since its inception in 1869 and sailed between Britain and China. In the year 1956, it laid in Greenwich and is today a part of a wonderful museum which also includes a collection of figureheads of old ships, prints, drawings, mementos of its voyages etc. For the tourists, you can also walk underneath the place and see the majestic hull.

The Old Royal Naval College is the second must see destination here. Open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, this place is in today’s date standing on the ground which was once a part of a palace which belonged to Edward I and in the later years, Henry VII. Also the birthplace of Henry VIII, this new palace was completed by Wren in the year 1696 for Charles II. If you visit the place then do not miss visiting the altarpiece by Benjamin West along with the round pulpit, lectern and font which is made up of wood. The discover Greenwich Visitor centre is also one of its must see places which is known to be exhibiting around 500 years of maritime history.

You can put up at The Metropolis London Hyde Park hotel. This hotel is the closest to river Thames and thus, to both Greenwich and Docklands. If you put up at the hotel then you would easily be able to travel to these places. Given the fact that the hotel is close to the means of transports which are dominating London, you can also anytime jump into any means of transport and visit the various other different places to see.

The next place to see is the Queen’s House. The house which is a Palladian mansion was designed by Inigo Jones. A work of brilliant classical architecture, this place is famous for its symmetrical proportions and the marble floors which are mark of sheer brilliance. You would also be able to see wrought iron balustrades along with carved and painted ceilings. The house took around 12 years to build. It was started in the year 1617 by James I and the completed structure were there in the year 1629. The Greenwich Park is the garden of the house and that building is also considered to be the first Renaissance building in the whole of England.the metropolis London Hyde Park

Talking about the Queen’s House, how can we not mention the National Maritime Museum? Present in the two wings of the Queen’s house itself the museum was opened to the audience in the year 1937. Since then, the seascapades by William Turner along with the portraits of famous seamen such as Joshua Reynolds are also there. If you are there with the children then they would also enjoy the huge and the interactive world map which is used there to display the details of the most famous events in the naval history.

Now, it is time for the Greenwich Park. If you want to visit the place then you should know the fact that this Park which was laid out for Charles II to a design by Louis XIV’s gardener is a 183 acre park. The oldest, as you may call it, of the eight Royal Parks of London, this place dates back to the year 1427. Once here, you would see that the place has many beautiful gardens and walking paths. You would find a lot of wilderness in the wildlife along with the Old Royal Observatory and the cherry on the cake would be the Prime Meridian Line. If you see the views then you would see that they are wonderful in nature. Take your own sweet time in exploring the place and know it for a fact that the place is free to enter and is usually open from 6 AM to dusk. Amongst the various other places to see, you would find the Flam steed house, the Thames flood Barrier, the Firepower or rather the Royal Artillery Museum as it is famous as, the Greenwich Market, the Millennium Dome or the O2, St Katharine’s Dock, the Museum of London Docklands, Canary Wharf, Pump house Educational Museum. Along with, St Anne’s Limehouse, Geffrye Museum, Eltham Palace and the Whitechapel Art Gallery amongst the others. You need to visit these places to see what they really have for the tourists to see.

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