The South End Green – The Beautiful Neighbourhood

Summers are those bold months, which makes you feel good happy nice and a number of very attractive adjectives all that means is the one time when you want to pull up a new place you spotted and explore it to the shreds. This is one month when people are spilling out it is families with toddlers by their sides, adults, seniors and the singles are also on a look out for some really good spots to lurk around while they bathe in the sun. One of the best places to go out on an exploration is the South End green though it is hidden and not there out blaring loudly to the crowds yet it has always managed to surprise the onlookers as to how this beautiful hidden treasure of London has been attracting crowds.

The expanse is not wide yet the eyes do search for this stretch the place is wedged between Hampstead Heath, the Belsize Park and the Hampstead. The place is nothing significant tucked in yet not so out, but the multiple pubs and microbreweries that have lined up the place are a hit with the locals and the newcomers equally. The place is a massive hit with the North London masses that are always ready to hang around the place even when they have to go this extra mile. Even the guests staying at the London hotel market are very well aware of the beautiful pubs lined up at all corners.

To name a few we have the Garden gate pours you the best variants of beer and the conceptualisation of beer garden just puts it in the spotlight , they are an amazing host to the  people dropping buy. The stag is the best pub offers some good gastronomic delights and that also goes well with the drinks. Some of them have plans to reopen this year, so the troupe will be joined by many more.

The legendary John Keats was a resident here in the South End Green area and the museum that stands tall as a mark of respect to the man is also a memorable way to revisit the past and collect some of the best moments of the life of Sir John Keats, it is also believed that it was here in this very house that the beautiful poem of Ode to Nightingale was written down to perfection. There are a few landmarks too, and some impressive institutions like the Daunt Books  and the Marylebone though they stand in the same street and are counterparts yet a stark difference sets them apart. They have a huge collection of books ranging from various eras, but then the interiors related to Daunt books are plain and simple while the interiors of the Marylebone has stunning, impressive interiors, the highlights of the place is the strong travel section open for public.

The array of restaurants lined up at the South end green and the multiple cafes on the sidewalks are a crowd puller, the best part about the placers are they have been there over decades and have seen generations of people and yet have adapted easily to the changing times. The sweet tooth is satiated at the Euphorium Bakery a beautiful pastry shop serving the flavours you can hardly think off and once you dig a bite into one of them there is no going back. The takeaways that are good offer you swift deliveries are the Mimmo La Bufala run by the patrons who understand the importance of time of their customers. The concept of tea rooms a very English theme is best offered at the Polly’s which nobody has been able to beat. The chic and cool café that is a swanky looking shop called the Silverberry Deli is a happening place with the newbies hanging around. My friends who had put up at the London premier Kensington were of the opinion to visit the place every time they would come to London.

London Summer

If the heat is oppressive, then cool off at the Hampstead Heath that is one of the mesmerising places and the real pull to the place are three beautiful offerings to the three sets of the crowd, one pond dedicated to the ladies at the top of the hill which is inside the wooded park, the second is for the men only another place for the guys hang out and the third pond is for the mixed breed called the family brigade. The place can be reached by the over ground station of the same name and a short walk from there too. The Parliament hill is a lovely cosy spot that gives a picturesque view of the expansive London city a die for place for the tourists both these places are very close to the South End Green.

Outdoor outings and picnics are also some of the exciting activities on a lousy summer time and the South End Green offers  the Hampstead heath green fields to be taken  for the most favourite spots by the children and their parents. In case you have  missed on the picnic lunch boxes do not be perturbed as the M&S  shop at the Pond street to Le Pain on the southern end road will come to your rescue. You go for pre ordering you are a well prepared planner and in case you a last minute runner then be ready for the fun as the people are not willing to disappoint you, the other thing that should not bother you is the fact that feasts ordered prior lasts until the sun show is over.

Some of the rooftop terrace, sitting areas opens you up to feel the sun and soak the warmth while you gulp down some freshly brewed beer while at the Roebuck or  at the Stag. This is on a serious note like raising a toast to the beautiful scenery to the south end green area  one of the hidden gems  surely not to be overlooked. As long as the summer months are bright and shining take a call chalk out a plan and bring your friends, family kids to have a  day off while basking in the glory of the sun.

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