Six places for the Chocolate lovers in London city

For many chocolates is a weakness and also qualify to be the most suitable gift options for gifting people, secondly people are hardly able to resist, in case of any occasion in the family, or a get together or maybe you want to complete the sweet tooth behaviour your instant reactions are to get hold of various flavours of chocolates.

While you can seduce or make happy your valentine with a cake or a brownie dubbed in hot chocolate, your child is ecstatic when they observe and realise their mummy has been generous enough to take them on a chocolate splurge. For all occasions good or bad chocolates do the trick that too in a favourable way. Preference to chocolate cakes, brownies, shakes various other concoctions have made our lives really hard, very often  we stand decided as what are we going to have when we demand something in chocolates.

The top six picks in and around London are one of the best places to take yourself for a treat while you plan to visit the London city, in fact, my friends who had stayed at The Piccadilly London West End Hotel have treated themselves in the below mentioned places.

Konditor and Cook

Konditor and Cook surely  rings bells for the localities staying in the city as the shop has more than one branch at various in London, to be precise there are five locations around the city of London wherein the first one is on the Cornwall Road and to be exact near the Waterloo, the second one is on the Soho one of the famous locations with the tourists brigade at the Shaftesbury Avenue, the other which you might find on your way to Borough Market as the shop is close by to the market on the Stony street and while you are hungry after a long day of shopping at the Borough market do not hesitate but reach his stop at the earliest to make up for the sweet ache you might be experiencing recalling the Konditor and Cook place. In case you are the brownie digger and you have an amazing appetite for the same you are at the right spot. There are four variants wherein people and especially the regulars are in love with the Curly Wurly brownie which is amazing to taste, though my personal favourites are the fudge brownie laced with vanilla and chunks of fudge that are underneath the salt caramelised topping to enhance the taste.


Outsider Tart

The brownie store served by two Americans, this is a dedicated bake shop and café joint serving some very good brownies to their regular guests and apart from that they are ace at selling some fantastic sodas, the key lime soda is one massive hit even with my friends, they sell brownies and some lovely plain brownies with variations that might make you go crazy and one visit may not prove to be enough. These basic brownies are either made with cinnamon flavoured actually or cookie dough is being used in some and few are really smartly done, but come what may you might want to have a taste of all the available variants. The blondie also called the Snickery blondie is a show stopper as it is a chocolate based concoctions with layers added to this brownie and these layers comprise of chocolate chips the conical small little chocolates that too with salted peanuts making it even more yummy. Just as you have given it a thought to take a stroll by the Thames do stop by near the South bank market and grab a bite with the good old sodas, also if you happen to visit the Chiswick the Outside tart welcomes you even there.

Beas of Bloomsbury

Beas of Bloomsbury outlets are located in various other locations in and around the London city nevertheless if you have the love for chocolates and tarts and also pastries you have hit the best place in town, they serve you pastries in flavours that are unthinkable and this makes you try them even more. The other things that is available and quite a hit with the regular people are the cinnamon buns that makes you go crazy have it with drinks you will not regret it, there is also an amalgamated product called the duffin a mix of the muffins with doughnuts jammed up. For those of you who are chocoholics they have a treat as they can feast upon the trownie this is delicious with buttery pastry like crust and filled with a gooey delicious brownie. The bakery outlets and kiosks are at the Farrington street and St. Paul’s and also at the Theobald’s street not far away from Sir Joanne’s museum.


This store at the Kings road Chelsea is there every Saturday when hawkers and vendors sell their sweet meats, but this particular bakery is one place you should not miss for anything on this earth. A chocoholics dream the triple chocolate cookie which is soft in the centre     and is dark chocolate for those who are dark chocolate fans. People who love milk chocolate are full of options as they have chocolate chips hazelnuts and Cadbury mini eggs a seasonal treat and cookies to their fantasy.


The Regent street has an alleyway and tucked in, it is the Freggo that hides in the Swallow Street that have been selling Argentinian ice creams to their customers, though not easily located yet surely not to be missed. They serve two scoops of ice cream at around four pounds the texture and flavour is what keeps you hooked to the ice cream store. Go for banana split which typically banana with chocolate flakes and chocolate almonds and also any flavours of the dulce de leche which had burnt sugar notes and moreish and this ice cream serving done generously by the people.

Shake Shack

This place is American chains with the shop at the London, serving some amazing custards which are really mouth-watering, also try the frozen custard that will make you go crazy. Be ready to try their chocolate toffee pieces and the chocolate hazelnut brownies and to add to your thrill you have an open option to get a customised treat where you can with your creativity end up making the most fabulous chocolate concoctions that you can ever think of.

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