London’s Must-See Royal Landmarks

Royal landmarks are a major attraction among tourism in the UK and London; the capital city is full of rich British heritage.

If you’re planning a visit to the city, Buckingham Palace would probably be one of the first places on your wish list to visit. It’s a major tourist attraction set in the City of Westminster and home to many historic landmarks in an area set on the north bank of the River Thames.

Not only is there lots of opportunity for photographs around the grounds of the palace, but you could also walk away with your very own luxurious gifts or pick from a range of souvenirs at the Royal Collection Trust shop. Explore the beautiful grounds of the palace and witness the changing of the guards as you journey through the capital.

Before you set out on your royal exploration of the city, check out some of the discount hotels in central London to make sure you get a good night’s rest before you embark on your journey.

Another palace on the list of royal residences’ is Kensington Palace, home to many members of the British Royal family since the 17th century. Princess Diana, popular among many nations, had apartments in the quarters. If you’re exploring Kensington Palace, look out for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate who now live in this beautiful abode.

There is good news on the horizon for visitors in London and a chance to be part of a treasured royal experience as you stop off at the Kensington cafés to refuel. Visit the Orangery for hot breakfast, an elegant lunch or afternoon tea. This would be a great way to end the tour of Kensington Palace and reflect back on your exciting day out on royal grounds.

Whether you’re planning a visit to London with the family or in a group, there is no better way to take in the sights than to stay in the heart of the attractions, so look for discount hotels in central London where you can enjoy easy access to some of the most iconic buildings and historic landmarks in the city.

Visit the House of Parliament (also known as the Palace of Westminster) in London to experience parliamentary events that take place there, this iconic landmark stands as a political symbol of government and attracts many visitors as it is filled with years of history.

A visit to the House of Parliament may not be everybody’s cup of tea but if you’re tour of London involves, getting stuck into debates or watching committee hearings, a tour of the House of Parliament is for you. If you’ve been impressed with your visit, you’ll have the chance to buy political books and other products online at the Parliamentary shop.

Whilst you’re in the city of Westminster, how about taking a trip to Westminster Abbey? It’s hosted many royal weddings and holds an abundance of celebrated history. Walk the steps of Catherine Middleton who took her last steps as a single woman before she wed Prince William in this beautiful and stunning building in 2011. Visualise the royal wedding of Queen Elizabeth in 1947 when she got married as a Princess.

If you’re looking for a wonderful sightseeing opportunity while you visit London, you cannot miss the spectacular views of the city from St Paul’s Cathedral. Visitors are offered the chance to climb up into the dome at the top of this historic building which has magnificent architecture and enter the Whispering Gallery. Experiment with sounds in this incredibly audible area of the building, they don’t call it the Whispering gallery for nothing! You can talk into the wall and the whispers resonate to the other side, which makes it possible for somebody on the other side of the wall to hear your voice. If that’s not impressive, what is?

Some of these royal historic landmarks and attractions have events that may run on specific dates and restricted opening times so to ensure you get the most out of your visit, check for discount hotels in central London to make the most of an exciting royal experience.

St James’s Palace situated in the city of Westminster is yet another eye capturing construction, one of London’s oldest palaces and London residence to some of the royals. The palace is an active place of worship and only some areas are open to the public so if you can, take advantage of your tour in London and visit this momentous palace.

Among the many museums and galleries that London has to offer, the National Portrait Museum houses some stunning work of art and a significant collection of historic portraits. Whether or not a visit to the gallery is your idea of a gratifying day out, the various events and exhibitions at the National Portrait Museum are worth the experience, if not to seize a photographic opportunity alone.

The portrait gallery was the first in the world when it opened in 1856, there’s history at its best. The paintings in the gallery replicate great British history with an assembly of reigning sovereigns.

If you’re travelling around central London and looking for a great day out, look no further than the Hampton Court Palace. You’ll probably want to make sure that you check for discount hotels in central London for that added convenience to your day trip. Hampton Court Palace is situated just outside of central London in beautiful picturesque country parkland. Explore 60 acres of delightful gardens and get lost in the famous maze as you grasp the striking beauty of this historic landmark famously linked to Kind Henry VIII.

Begin your royal journey in London by visiting as many of the royal attractions as possible and enjoy the delights of British heritage.

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