Handy Travel Trips for American Tourists

The best a tourist can do is feeling comfortable at home and not stand out while on a travelling spree in London city. Some of these travel tips can be shared and used in order to get less chocked and shocked, secondly familiarise with things and situations beforehand and also feel intelligent rather than prove to be a dummy.


Be smart in handling cash while you are in the UK which is foreign to you, do not stuff cash and carry it around rather carry a Visa enabled card with the hallmark.  You have the popular international banks the Barclays, Lloyds and Nat west and they also provide you with ATM facilities this saves you the commission fees and also can easily avoid poor exchange rate.

In case of cash problem go to the banks while in the city and with the help of your credit and debit card take charge of the situation. Before moving out for travel does check your credit limit in case low do remember to increase the amount.

The only confusion that creates a blockage is treat pounds as dollars and pence as cents to sail through easily.

In case you happen to visit Scotland, English pounds are acceptable everywhere though Scottish notes at times are not acceptable in other parts , secondly the denominations of the notes are 5, 10, 20, 50  pounds in case you have pence they will be 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p to be precise.

Before leaving for London be well aware of the exchange rate of the pound and dollar and have rough calculation to bank upon when needed.

Secondly the colloquial language for a pound is a quid and the five pounds is called a fiver and ten pounds a tenner.


Dealing with flights have been rudely enough quite hard, during our stay at the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel the hotel staff had been very accommodating while we were jet lagged still they customised things according to our ease to make us feel at home.

Travel Tips

On completion of trip do take a hot bath before going to sleep as it not only helps you ease up, but keeps you from getting cranky and be with the elixir of life and  consume as much water as possible.


Some of the London stay deals gives  an amazing offer wherein they give you the basic hands on tips as how to drive so that you can drive  and explore the city on your own.

The seat of the driver is to the right and the passenger seat is to the left, walk on the left side of the road to avoid nuisance in a new city, this exercise might prove to be a herculean at first but nevertheless stick to the rule book.

Hire a car is the word to rent a car , similarly in case manual transmission drives you crazy, don’t bother, just ask for a automatic transmissions to save the hassle.

There is no gas in the car it is either petrol or diesel as the common word.

The common types of roads are Motorway, A class which is a dual carriage way with a divider in the middle, B class road a country side road , the Single side road is for letting pass one car at a time.

Try driving slow in the fast lane and be courteous, flashing lights is their way of letting you pass or giving you way.


In case using the public transport a round trip referred to as return and the one side journey is the single.

Pedestrians should look out for zebra crossings and belisha becons.

Try travelling in train after busy hours or in 1st class to avoid overspending or facing the rush.

American Accent

This can be your saviour or jeopardise, so just act dumb and get your way out rather that outsmarting somebody.

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