Experience a romantic holiday in London

Love makes life more enriching, whether it’s in a marriage or e. And adventure makes our days more exciting. You can blend both love and adventure by booking a romantic package in one of the premiere European cities. London, home to the famous Buckingham Palace and a vast collection of high-end hotels, offers the chance for newlyweds or couples in love to have a holiday worth remembering for a lifetime.

Top accommodations include the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel, which provides top tierromantic hotel packages. Before you go ahead and book your romantic trip, you’ll want to decide in advance which attractions you’ll be visiting. To help you out in the process, we’ve provided a list of our favourite romantic attractions in the city.

To start with, we have to recommend the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park. It offers ground-breaking views of the lake and areas of the park. More importantly, you and your partner can take a row boat and enjoy gliding across 40 acres of water. We also recommend the Little Venice area near Paddington. It’s home to fantastic river boats, a floating art gallery, a café and a puppet theatre.

Royal Greenwhich Observatory

If you’re after a more whimsical attraction, consider star gazing at the Royal Observatory. Its home to the world famous meridian line and allows both you and your partner to look into the outer reaches of the galaxy. They even run on Valentine’s Day! Or, if you and a partner both have a love of play, head over to Parliament Hill with a couple of cheap kites and take amusement in the joy of kiting.

Most of the attractions we’ve mentioned are best in the spring and summer. We can’t say that London in the winter is particularly romantic, but it still has a lot to offer regardless. Its museums and galleries are open year-round, and while you won’t be able to enjoy the parks and gardens in their full splendour, you’ll still be able to discover the city.

To get stunning views of the landscape in London, we have to recommend the Shard. It’s a venue that dwarfs its competitors in size, and it’s the tallest building in Western Europe. With the delightful bar at the top, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city as you enjoy a cocktail, and see the city for what it is. Book your stay in London this summer, and discover romance at its finest.

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