Clapham Area Guide And Its Charm

Clapham is the greenest community located at the heart of the London city and is the home to an abundance of eateries, beautiful locales and high society outings, a dream place for the visitor who shows up at this end of the London city. The place is an encapsulation of many beautiful enclaves to begin with Northcote Road, Abbeville Road, Clapham Common and also Lavender Hill they might not ring bells but the view is certainly the head turner.


The place has an array of culinary houses or restaurants that might be able to absolutely spoil you and few can become your favourites too.

  • The Manor cooks the authentic British delicacies as a part of their a la carte menu
  • If you are one of the organic food eaters then the seasonal sourced ingredient place called the Dairy will win you over.
  • For the ever so romantic couples there ought to be a fairly land in the middle of a beautiful al fresco landscape and that can be no other than the Metro.
  • The special hot coffee brewery can be gauged from miles is known other than the Black Lab.
  • The sweet dish has a name too, and it is none other than Esca Deli.
  • Ice creams at the Madeline are a must along with the fruit tarts.

The night travellers or those of who are interested in the bars and pubs and probably the young at heart can head to some of the best places and make the most of the Clapham’s night troll:

  • If you are a terrace lover and if you happen to drink too get going on the No 32 Old Town that has the best bar and one of the perfect hangouts for those lousy summers.
  • A live music connoisseur you are welcome every Thursday at the Venn Street Records.
  • Cocktails at the Lotus Bar are not only unique but they are too good to resist and thus you are offered edible flowers too to surprise you.

The greenery is evident and there at the cornerstones which are a favourite with the communion, it gives you tranquillity and some lovely new friends. There are playgrounds and the different playing fields for children and pools for swimming and a bandstand for the favourite bands.

Transportation is easy when you have a good network of tubes and overground stations that makes the life of locals and first time travellers easy. The place has three underground stations and two overground stations that creates a lot of ease.

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