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Why you should visit the Design Museum London

Design is at the forefront of this new age. Everything from apps, to buildings, have become revered from the context of design. How unique something is, how intelligently it works, and how beautiful it looks – has become a primary … Continue reading

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Why you should visit London in 2016

If there’s anytime to visit London, it’s now. In 2016, the capital will be hosting a series of incredible events. For instance, there’s the Lumiere London – the biggest light festival in the capital. You’ll see London transformed by an … Continue reading

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The secret tunnels beneath London

When people think of London, they don’t ordinarily think of the city’s secret tunnels. As such, this article might come across a little unusual in that sense. Nevertheless, we feel that it’s our duty to expose some of the hidden … Continue reading

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Discover Shakespeare in London

Shakespeare has revolutionized the world of literature. His works today are still read by many, and his influence on modern culture cannot be understated. William Shakespeare was an actor, poet, playwright, and has been labelled as England’s national poet. He … Continue reading

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